50 Refreshing Business Card Designs

Finally a new wave of those business card designs we can’t get enough of! We’re pretty sure you’ve been seeing the same designs over and over again so if you’re looking for more creative inspiration, we hope this fresh batch will do the trick. See how you can have more fun with color, letterpress printing or simply play with the shape, cut or the material of your custom business cards. The designers responsible for these awesome designs are as indicated so feel free to browse their portfolios for more ideas.

Design by Whiskey Design

Design by Public Design

Design by Blackjack’s Lab

Design by Carlo Cruz, Printed by PrintPlace

Design by Dolce Press


Printed by Dolce Press

Designed for Fifth Floor Gallery

Design by Garth Humbert

JS3 Design

Designed For Hicks Design

Identity Kitchen

Interrobang Design

Design by Jason Santa Maria

Jay Kwong

Design by Igor Brezhnev

For Kazoo Marketing by Whiskey Design

Koodoz Design by Marc Katsambis

Lion in Oil by John Locke and Jackie Caradonio

Design by Malota Projects

Michelle Fantaci Jewelry

Mixidot Graphic Design

Nicole Andujar

Nine Lives

Optimum Fotography

Orient Xpress by Malota Projects


Paul Hartsook

Popcorn Initiative

Qobe Group

Design Ranch

Light Plague

Rhythm Kitchen

Kelli Anderson

Simple Bits

Sliced Orange

Sound of Everything

Space 150

Sucker Jeans

Tim Mcleod

Why is Box


- and last but definitely not least, unless otherwise stated, the final 8 business cards are designed and printed by Studio on Fire.
Designed and Printed For Sakura Bloom

Designed by Clockwork Active Media and Printed For Secret Agent Man

Designed by House of Monks

Designed and Printed For 10Zing Consulting

Design by Westwerk Design: Printed for Lara Miklasevics

Designed by Westwerk Design: Printed For Jaime Wickard

Designed and Printed For Rosenthal Photography

Designed by Designworks and Printed For The Kitchen at BBDO

Sumber : http://www.graphicfetish.com/50-refreshing-business-card-designs

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